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Made of breathable, flexible, skin-friendly, and sweat-proof knitted fabric to provide the most comfortable healing process.


  • The viscoelastic pads around the ulnar styloid protect the bone protuberance and relieve the stress on veins and nerves

  • Detachable aluminum support is anatomically formed to fit the volar side of the wrist

  • The adjustable bandage is anatomically contoured for maximum fit, comfort, and effectiveness to help support injuries, improve blood circulation, and provides compression and heat effects to accelerate the healing process.

ProCare Wrist Splint

SKU: 0004
    • Breathable, flexible, micro-massage tech, and skin-friendly fabric

    • Seamless & comfortable knitted fabric

    • Velcro strap - Supports the stabilizing effect of the inner hand stay while letting you control the amount of compression

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