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6 small changes that will make a big difference in your life

With the new year here, you might be tempted to do what many other people are doing:

Committing to dramatic life changes that are difficult to stick to for the long haul. While some people can transform their diets, exercise routines, and sleep habits on a dime, most of us find it impractical to do so and eventually run out of steam along the way. But what if you started with small changes that can add up to bring about significant change? The good news is that there are many practical steps to take to fall into a healthy rhythm this year. Consider these tips from Jaiyou for laying the foundation for a strong 2022!

1) Move Your Body

Exercise offers it all when it comes to physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. Take time to explore various physical activities until you find some that you enjoy, and dedicate yourself to exercising 20 minutes, four days a week. Once you experience the endorphins flowing and your stress levels lowering, it might motivate you to exercise longer and more often!

2) Get the Gear You Need

To get the most out of your new fitness routine, you may need to invest a little in new gear. For instance, find a quality yoga mat, yoga pants, and anything else you need to practice comfortably. If you are lifting weights, running, or doing any other types of activities, make sure you have the equipment necessary for safe and productive workouts. No matter what kind of exercise you engage in, you might benefit from a new set of headphones, an MP3 player, or other items that

will keep you entertained and motivated. Furthermore, consider how you can boost your comfort in everyday life. Companies like Davy Piper offer a wide range of affordable loungewear, leggings, bras, tanks, and many other types of clothing.

3) Upgrade Your Diet

Another practical New Year’s resolution is to eat better. We’re not talking about committing to an uber-restrictive fad diet. But being conscious of the food you eat and focusing on fueling your body with the proper nutrients can go a long way in increasing your energy and improving your long-term health. Try to stick to whole foods when you can, and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

4) Turn Off Your Devices

We are surrounded by constant stimulation in our everyday lives. Chances are, you rely on one or more electronic devices at work or school, and you use them for relaxing at home. Carve out time each day to unplug from technology. And try to do a digital detox once a month.

5) Foster Your Sleep

Without getting consistent, restful sleep, there is no way to achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Find calming activities you can do each night that will prepare your mind and body for rest, and shoot for getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep. Developing good sleep habits can transform your life!

6) Make Time for Solitude

Lastly, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you need time by yourself. Figure out how to work solitude into your daily routine, and if that isn’t possible, determine how you can get a moment to yourself at least once a week. Choose a relaxing activity like writing in a journal, reading a novel, sitting on the patio, or any other activity that can help you recharge.

When it comes to changing your life, small steps can produce big results. Resolve that you will get your body moving, invest in the necessary gear, and eat a little better this year. Designate time away from your electronic devices, and prioritize healthy sleep habits. Finally, carve out time for solitude so that you can collect your thoughts and recharge for your daily life.

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