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Essential Stretches to do Before a Run!

Running is great for the mind & body, especially to improve cardiovascular health. It is a great way to get out and clear your mind.


  1. Build Strong Bones

  2. Strengthen muscles

  3. A great way of getting daily vitamin D

A great way to prevent injuries while running is to use our ProCare Ankle support. This provides support to the ankle while reducing pain and edema with compression.

However, missing out on these KEY stretches before your high-intensity workout may be bringing you down. Below are key stretches that can help improve performance, prevent injuries, and lastly just prepare the body for running.


  • Hamstring stretch - stand with one leg bent, and one leg on an angle while alternating touches on each leg.

  • Hip Stretch - Take left leg and bend over right leg creating a number four shape. While the body is in a standing chair position. Than switch!

  • Hip Flexor Stretch- Begin the stretch in Lunges and start to move the front leg back and forth in swaying motion.

  • Butt Kicks- This is a very good stretch to get your heart rate up, while also extending legs backward and doing small kicks.

  • Knee Hugs- Take Left leg, while the alternate leg is straight standing up and hug it into your chest. This is great to promote flexibility and gain height in your runs.

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