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Ways to Turn Your Love of Sports Into a Business

According to surveys, about 70% of Americans identified as sports fans of 26% identified as avid fans of at least one sport. If you are among the latter group, these are six ways you can turn your love of sports into a business.

1. Become a General Manager

Not everyone can be a world-class athlete, but you don't need to be to build a world-class team. General managers are responsible for signing and trading players, hiring coaches, handling contracts, dealing with the media, and overseeing the daily activities of a sports team. General managers may also be in charge of other functions, such as marketing, dealing with vendors, and negotiating contracts. Some general managers are former athletes. Most have a background in business and management.

2. Become a Sports Therapist

If you have an interest in sports and are interested in a medical career, a sports therapist business might be a good fit for you. Sports therapists diagnose and treat sports injuries. They may also provide treatment for injuries that happen during games and educate athletes about how to avoid injuries. Therapists who work with teams and professional athletes may be responsible for creating programs to help athletes to prevent injuries. They may also be in charge of

rehabilitation programs for athletes who are recovering from an injury.

3. Consider a Work From Home Job

Traveling around the country with a professional sports team or athlete may not be for everyone. Fortunately, there are some sports-related businesses you can run from home. If you like to write, you could become a freelance sports writer. Most newspapers and many professional teams hire beat writers. You could also start a sports blog or start writing for an existing one. Teams may hire freelancers to run their social media accounts or do marketing for the team. 

4. Start a Sports Lighting Business

Sporting venues for collegiate and professional athletes have indoor or outdoor night events that need powerful-lighting systems. You could start a business designing or selling stadium and arena lighting. A good start for this business

is to review industry case studies that will give you a better idea of what you need to do to light from medium to large-sized indoor or outdoor sports complexes.

5. Open a Training Facility

Many young athletes must travel long distances to access elite training facilities for the sports they want to play. Opening a community training facility in your area is a way you can make money and help athletes to get prepared prepare for collegiate or professional sports. You can also provide services for community members interested in training for fitness or as a hobby.

6. Give Back to the Community

Consider using some of the money your sports business earns to support local teams and athletes. You could become a sponsor for a local team to help raise money to provide them with better flooring, lighting, equipment, or uniforms or provide scholarship funds for promising athletes. Being a sponsor is a great way to give back and promote your business. You don't have to be a great athlete to pursue your love of sports. Whether you are a former athlete or an armchair

quarterback, there is a sports-related business idea that could work for you. Shop JAIYOU for the health supplies you need.

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