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How to use Yoga as a method of Physical Therapy?

Ways to Improve Muscle Tension after surgery:

Yoga is one of the leading methods to help your body gain its way to a fast and easy recovery. Changing the ways we view the conventional practice of physical therapy. Yoga uses various meditations, muscle movement, as well as balance spiritually and mentally.


All of our muscles are covered by what is called fascia, which is simply a thin casting of connective tissue around muscles. While doing yoga these tissues are energized and strengthened. It is important to incorporate these moves into any workout or stretching beforehand.

Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Body

1.Seated Forward Bend- This pose is great for stretching lower and back hamstrings, it opens the whole body. Which also builds your breath in an uncomfortable position. This supports anxiety and reduces fatigue.

2.Bridge Pose- Great beginner pose, this pose stretches both the front and back of the body. While also boosting blood circulation and digestion, helps alleviate stress and opens the lungs and thyroid gland.

3.Tree Pose- an essential pose for learning to balance your body and slow your thoughts. It also tones the leg muscles, ankles, as well as the inner thighs.

4.Warrior 1- This improves the strength of the core and the lower body while providing an intense stretch for hips and thighs!

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