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Tips and Tricks From a Competition Dancer

What foods do you eat to stay in shape and feel energized as a dancer?

I usually start the morning off with fruit, and protein like eggs, as well as carbohydrates. A dancers diet typically should be 50 percent carbs. During intense training and rehearsal, carbohydrate should be increased to make up 65% of all calories consumed. In the afternoons it is essential for me to eat nuts and lentils to provide my body a good sense of fiber. At night time, I usually have a large source of protein, fish or meat, paired with any sort of veggie pasta. I recommend enjoy Banza chickpea pasta which is a good source of both protein and carbs. Food is a big factor in my day to keep full and energized.

How was the transition from dancing everyday to COVID lifestyle?

At first, It was a difficult transition for me, because I was an extremely active person dancing about fifteen hours a week at rehearsal. Going to no scheduled dance at all was a bit drastic for me. Once quarantine started, it was important for me to try to keep a similar schedule to stay motivated and excited about dance. It helped that my studio provided a zoom class once a week for us to stay connected and excited about the art.

Some Tips to Stay Motivated

1.Find an accountability buddy. A partner to motivate you is essential and fun.

2.If things go off schedule a bit, ADAPT! Start your next day off fresh as best as you possibly can.

3.Use this time to enhance your creativity within the practice. Come up with fun routines. Learn new moves through YouTube, Instagram lives, and zoom classes provided from studios.

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