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Tips from a National athlete to manage Isolation

Recently we had a conversation with National Golf player Katelyn Sepmoree about how she is managing these unprecedented times and what tips she could give to people who want to start moving more or practicing some exercise at home.

One of the most important points of our conversation was in her words to set “daily achievable goals” small tasks that you can cross at the end of the day and that will help you manage the stress. Right now since we have “more time” there is this pressure to achieve a lot every day, but this mindset is not taking into account the mental challenges we are facing as a result of a completely new and uncertain situation.

She recommended to have a daily meditation time, you can use an app called “headspace”, if you’re not into meditation, there are other activities like, reading or drawing that can provide you the same benefits. She also recommends us use the advantages of the internet and search for short training videos, even if is just 15 mins a day, that will help you a lot.

Find out below more tips from our conversation with her.

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