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Tips from a Scoliosis Fitness Coach

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As a part of our series during this quarantine period we’ve been interviewing experts to provide us their knowledge of how to manage the new challenges we’re facing right now. For this time we bring to you Teresa Teuscher, a New York fitness coach who after suffering from scoliosis developed her own methods and exercises to treat this condition.

Check the video below for the most important insights of our conversation.

In the past we also had the opportunity to try with her our KNITTED LUMBOSACRAL CORSET that can provide you support to the lumbar region, relieves the pain on the muscles, and implements perception of comfort and assurance. If you’re experiencing a lot of back pain due to the long ours sitting in front of a computer, this product is a great fit for you. Check in the video below her testimony.

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