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Yoga tips with Annelise Hagen

So recently we had a talk with Yoga Expert Annelise Hagen, about yoga, face yoga, and its benefits, we didn’t only found out that Yoga can help us in so many ways but that Annelise is a person you want to hear and talk with for hours, we want to share we you a bit of this extraordinary conversation, we are sure that she will make you feel calm, energetic and positive but also she will provide with good tips and advise.

“There is this common idea that especially women when we age we lose our power or attractiveness but, everybody ages, you’re human, that’s normal.”

Here are some of the main points of our conversation

  • Helps to clear your mind

  • Improves your body strength

  • Helps you to age in a better way

  • You can create a better relationship with yourself and others

If you want to hear more about yoga, face yoga and its benefits, find out everything about this in the video!check out the video below!

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